Attorney Paul Santos is located in New Bedford Massachusetts

New Bedford Harbor is known worldwide for its fishing fleet and now for its shipping port which affords easy access to shipping. In addition to that the harbor is home to recreational boating, ferry and excursion boats that connect to Martha’s Vineyard and Cuttyhunk two of the popular Islands just off our coast. New Bedford is a popular tourist destination.

Paul Santos Law is located in the heart of New Bedford’s downtown. Having spent nearly 30 years in the area Paul Santos is very well know and respected in the legal circle.

Attorney Paul Santos services clients throughout Southeastern Massachusetts

Paul Santos Law has been providing excellent legal client services in the Southcoast for nearly 30 years. Attorney Paul Santos has successfully represented clients in district court, housing court, Massachusetts commission against discrimination, registry of motor vehicles hearings,  and clerk magistrate hearings.

Attorney Paul Santos secured not guilty verdicts in criminal cases, have won care and protection cases where the court returned custody to the parents after hearing, have secured evictions for plaintiffs at housing court, and secured unemployment benefits for clients after hearing. Paul Santos Law will work tirelessly to assist you in most any legal matter that you may be facing.

Call his office today at: 508-996-0941

Paul Santos Law  practices area of expertise are the following: 

  • Landlord and Tenant cases,
  • Juvenile Delinquency and adult criminal cases,
  • Care and Protection cases,
  • Criminal Law and Personal Injury

Paul also handles cases for the New Bedford Housing Authority.