Attorney Paul Santos

Attorney Paul Santos New Bedford

I’ve practiced law in New Bedford, MA for nearly 30 years.  And have represented many clients in district court, housing court, Massachusetts commission against discrimination, registry of motor vehicles hearings,  and clerk magistrate hearings.

I’ve worked hard to secured not guilty verdicts in criminal cases, and I’ve won care and protection cases where the court returned custody to the parents after a hearing.

And I’ve secured evictions for plaintiffs at housing court which if you know isn’t always an easy task.

I’ve also secured unemployment benefits for clients after a hearing.


  • Care and protection law,
  • juvenile law,
  • criminal law,
  • landlord tenant law,
  • registry of motor vehicles law,
  • personal injury civil law,
  • unemployment law.

I do juvenile criminal defense. I do care and protection cases vs DCF formerly DSS. I do landlord tenant which are mostly evictions.