Personal Injury

What are personal injury cases

Many personal injury cases involve automobile accidents, however they also include slip and fall cases, dog bite cases and general negligence cases among others. An injury on the job would be a workers compensation case and would have different procedures involved.

However, a personal injury case could still be brought depending on the circumstances if there was a significant long term injury.

What should you do if you have a personal injury situation

In the typical personal injury case, it is important to seek out legal counsel right away. The initial consultation is free and there is no attorneys fee unless compensation is obtained for the client by way of trial or settlement.

What is the procedure on a personal injury case

At the first meeting, an investigation of the facts will occur, the client will seek out medical treatment and the attorney will prepare medical insurance forms and personal injury protection forms so that the client’s treatment will be covered if possible.

During the treatment stage, the client would keep the attorney up to date on the type of treatment sought, whether there are any specialists required, whether or not there are any broken bones involved, or surgeries required. The attorney would also complete an
anaylsis regarding the extent of lost wages if any.

Once the client is done with medical treatment, the attorney engages in a complete anaylsis of the matter, with the help of experts if necessary, and prepares a demand for compensation from the insurance company of the party at fault. The demand would include compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, decrease in future wages if there is a permanent injury, and pain and suffering.

What if you can’t settle

If the matter cannot be settled at the amount sought by the client, then a lawsuit will be brought in the appropriate jurisdiction. Both parties to the action are entitled to full discovery of the opponents case. The matter can still be settled at any stage of the proceeding. Both parties have the right to have a trial by either judge or by jury to ultimately decide the case.

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